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last updated on 08/15/2006

Screenshot of Dekses for Windows:

"Dekses" is a puzzle game I wrote.  There are 4 modes in the game.

I also included 2 bonus games and they are "15 puzzle", "Lights out", and "Flip".

Click HERE to download Dekses for Windows

("dek ses" means "16" in Esperanto.)

 Windows95/98/NT/ME/XP freeware
Chokkin & Pettan v1.0
last updated on 06/15/1999

Chokkin (Chokkin.exe) allows you to segment files that are larger than a floppy disk(or other media) size so that you can copy the file to other computers without a network. Pettan (Pettan.exe) allows you to rebuild a file segmented by Chokkin.

Click HERE to display readme file of Chokkin & Pettan.
Click HERE to download compressed Chokkin & Pettan program (ChokkinPettan.zip) to your PC hard drive.

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