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Toki Clock for iPhone/iPod touch 

(LITE version = Free)
(FULL version = 99 cents)

(For iPad version, click here.)

LITE version is available only in the following countries:
U.S.A., U.K., France, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

Only difference between the LITE version and the FULL version is that in the LITE version, when there is no user interactions for 30 seconds, advertisement banner might be displayed. You can dismiss this advertisement banner by simply touching other area on the screen.






If you have any questions regarding 'Toki Clock', please send email to onigiritech@gmail.com

Click here to check out 'Toki Clock' in the App Store in iTunes application.

'Toki Clock' is a clock app for your iPhone/iPod touch.  Have your iPhone/iPod touch display the time, calendar, and time from cities around the world while it is being charged.

Put iPhone/iPod touch in the dock, and launch 'Toki Clock.'

- Display the world time for up to 5 cities simultaneously.  You can choose from 244 major cities around the world.  For the complete list of cities, click here.
- Choose from 5 skins.
- Display a 1-month or 2-month calendar.  The calendar display can start with Sunday or Monday.
- Choose between a 12-hour and 24-hour clock.
- Show/hide the seconds display.
- Flash or don't flash the time separators.
- Dim the backlight.
- Option to display the time with big numbers.
- Show/hide dot animation.  There are 4 animations:
     1) Runner
     2) Car
     3) Character up and down
     4) Baseball
- Choose from 3 different formats for the date display:
- Alarm with Snooze.
- Select alarm sound from your iPod Library.
- Fully supports playing music in the background.

Please note that for the alarm to sound, sound for your iPhone/iPod touch must be set to 'On' and 'Toki Clock' must be running.




To avoid going into Sleep mode, Toki Clock disables System's Auto-Lock setting when 'Toki Clock' is running.

I think this is the spec of iPhone/iPod touch but once a song is played from your iPod Library, the disabling System's Auto-Lock function no longer works.  When this happens, your iPhone/iPod touch will go into sleep mode at the specified time that is set in the System's Auto-Lock setting even when 'Toki Clock' is running.  (For the same reason, when you listen to a song you selected in the Alarm settings windows in Toki Clock even for once, the Auto-Lock setting will go back to the System's Auto-Lock setting.)

You can restart 'Toki Clock' app and it will disable System's Auto-Lock setting again while 'Toki Clock' is running.

When the alarm from iPod Library sounds and when you tap on [Snooze] button, your iPhone/iPod touch will go into sleep mode at the specified time that is set in the System's Auto-Lock setting.  Once your iPhone/iPod touch is in the sleep mode, sometimes, the alarm will NOT sound.

To work around this, when using a song from iPod Library for alarm, change the System's Auto-Lock setting to 'Never' or simply just don't use Snooze feature.  I apologize for this inconvenience.  I couldn't find work around for this at the source code level after spending so much time trying to figure this out.


June 22, 2009: v1.0
- First release.

July 9, 2009: v1.0.1
As requested by many users, now 'Auto-lock' is disabled while 'Toki Clock' is running.

July 21, 2009: v1.0.2
- v1.0.1 only runs on OS 3.0 so modified code to run on OS 2.0.
- Now works on 1st Generation iPhone/iPod touch.

September 21, 2009 - v1.0.3
- As requested, added the following 2 cities to the list:
     'U.S.A. - Guam'
     'Suriname - Paramaribo'
- The position of the following 5 cities in the sorted City List was wrong. Fixed.
     'Mexico - Mexico'
     'Montenegro - Cetinje'
     'Montenegro - Podgorica'
     'Morocco - Casablanca'
     'Netherlands - Amsterdam'

January 18, 2010 - v1.0.4
- For 2010 World Cup South Africa, following cities in South Africa were added in v1.0.4 in addition to the existing cities, "Cape Town" and "Johannesburg."
     (Note that all the cities below are in the same time zone.)
     'South Africa - Bloemfontein'
     'South Africa - Cape Town' (Already existed in v1.0.3)
     'South Africa - Durban'
     'South Africa - Johannesburg' (Already existed in v1.0.3)
     'South Africa - Nelspruit'
     'South Africa - Polokwane'
     'South Africa - Port Elizabeth'
     'South Africa - Pretoria'
     'South Africa - Rustenburg'
- As requested, added the following 2 cities to the list:      'Albania - Tirana'      'Ghana - Accra'

February 26, 2010 - v1.0.5
- Alarm sound can now be selected from iPod Library.

March 4, 2010 - v1.0.6
- Added 75 more cities.  Now supports 241 cities in the world.

March 8, 2010 - v1.0.7
- The order of 'Zimbabwe - Harare' and 'Zambia - Lusaka' were wrong. Fixed.

May 20, 2010 - v1.0.8
- Detroit was in the wrong time zone.  Fixed.

May 27, 2010 - v1.0.9
- Jerusalem was listed under 'Jordan' country.  Changed to be listed under 'Israel' country.

July 7, 2010 - v1.1.0
Fixed following bugs (They are reproducible only on iOS 4):
* Crashes upon launch on 2nd Generation iPod touch.
* Crashes when memory is low on iPhone, iPhone 3G, and iPhone 3GS.
* Changed image handling in the memory resulting faster launch.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Starting from this version (v1.1.0), to change color, you must do so in the iPhone/iPod touch settings screen.  To get to the settings screen, from the iPhone/iPod touch home screen, tap on
'Settings' icon -> 'Toki Clock' -> 'Theme color' 
You must restart 'Toki Clock' to take the effect.

July 19, 2010 - v1.1.1
- When alarm is set to 12:00PM, the Toki Clock displayed "12:00AM".  Fixed.

July 27, 2010 - v1.1.2
- Now the 'Change Skin' button is back in the app.
Please note that it takes several seconds for the color to change after tapping on the 'Change Skin' button. This is due to the re-architect of the image usage part in the source code to reduce memory usage.

August 16, 2010 - v1.1.3
- When 'Change Skin' icon is tapped, all the available skins are displayed so that the user can choose.
- Added Orange color skin.
- Added Lavender Purple color skin.
- Added Orange color Background skin (Requested by user).
- Added Blue color Background skin (Requested by user).
- Added Retro skin.
- Added the following cities:
          'Naha' (Okinawa, Japan)
          'Las Vegas' (Nevada, U.S.A.)
          'Oklahoma City' (Oklahoma, U.S.A.)

September 18, 2010 - v1.1.4
- Changed icon.
- Added icon for Retina display devices (iPhone 4 & 4th Generation iPod touch).

April 06, 2011 - v1.1.5
- Snooze feature sometimes didn't work. Fixed.
- Compiled app with the latest iPhone SDK (4.3) to improve compatibility with the latest iOS (4.3).
- Got rid of all the deprecation warnings at the compile.
- Created Lite version (Free) and started distributing.

April 15, 2011 - v1.1.5.1 (Lite version only release)
- Fixed bug where screen occasionally froze.


LITE version (Free)
FULL version (99 cents)

Differences between LITE and FULL versions:



Playable game types


[Magnetic Field]
[Moving Block]
[Center Line]
[Dual Paddle]

Ball Speed

1 or 2

1, 2, 3, or 4

Comp Level

1 or 2

1, 2, 3, 4, or 5

Score Settings

1 or 3

1, 3, 5, or 7 

If you have any questions regarding PonKonPon, please send email to onigiritech@gmail.com

Click here to check out PonKonPon (LITE version) in the App Store in iTunes application.
Click here to check out PonKonPon (FULL version) in the App Store in iTunes application.

PonKonPon is a simple game of ball and paddle (also known as 'Pong') with a little twist. Just place your finger right beneath the paddle to move it sideways to deflect the ball across the playing court with the objective of hitting it past your opponent's paddle.

In PonKonPon, there is one classic ball and paddle game and six variations of it as follows:

[Classic] - This is the classic ball and paddle game that everyone knows. Simple and fun, yet addictive.

[Magnetic Field] - There is a magnetic field across the middle of the court. When the ball passes through it, the ball changes direction and you never know which way the ball is headed.

[Block] - In the center of the court, there is a block obstructing the ball's path.

[Moving Block] - Same as [Block] except the block continuously moves side to side across the middle of the court.

[Center Line] - There is a center line across the court. When the ball passes this line, the ball may change direction.

[Dual Paddle] - You have one more small paddle in front of your regular paddle. If the ball hits your small paddle while traveling towards your side of the court, the ball will be deflected. However, if the ball is traveling towards your opponent's side of the court, the ball will go through your small paddle.

[Weird] - There is a small white area in front of your paddle. When the ball passes through this area, who knows what happens. The ball can speed up, slow down, and/or change direction.

PonKonPon can be played by one player against the computer or by two players against each other. If you don't enjoy the competition of playing against the computer or another person, you can play in 'Rally Mode' in which you work together with the computer or another player to see how many times you two can hit the ball before missing it.

When playing against the computer, you can choose from five levels. In levels 4 and 5, not only is the computer difficult to beat, but also, the ball gets faster as the game progresses. (In 2 Player Mode, the ball always gets faster as the game progresses.)

In the 'General Settings' screen, you can choose the ball size, ball speed, how many points to play up to, and turn the sound on or off. There is also a 'Dimmer' switch. When you turn this switch on, during game play, the ball dims and finally disappears, and then reappears again, making the game more challenging.

And when you are tired of playing, if you have a dock, you can just place your iPhone/iPod Touch in the dock while running PonKonPon in 'Clock mode' and enjoy it as a Desktop accessory displaying the time, day, and date. There is even an alarm feature so you can place it right by your bed and use it as an alarm clock. (Please note that for the alarm to sound, PonKonPon must be running in 'Clock mode' and also 'Auto-Lock' for your iPhone/iPod Touch must be set to 'Never'.)

TIPS: If the ball hits right in the center of the paddle, the ball speed accelerates (also known as "Smash return"), which will give you better chance to beat the opponent!