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Toki Clock for iPad

(99 cents)

(For iPhone/iPod touch version, click here.)






If you have any questions regarding 'Toki Clock for iPad', please send email to onigiritech@gmail.com

Click here to check out 'Toki Clock for iPad' in the App Store in iTunes application.

'Toki Clock' is a clock application for your iPad with many features. Have your iPad display the time, calendar, and time from cities around the world while it is being charged.

Use this world clock for international events, like olympic games and World Cup Soccer!


Compared to other great clock apps in the App Store, 'Toki Clock' lacks the following features:

* 'Toki Clock' does NOT allow users to browse to other month than the months that are being displayed.
* 'Toki Clock' does NOT support displaying holidays.

Also before buying, please know that:

1) 'Toki Clock' must be running for the alarm to sound.
2) 'Toki Clock for iPad' supports landscape orientation but is very limited:
     - When in landscape orientation, tapping on the screen does nothing because the screen is locked so if you want to change any of the settings of 'Toki Clock' (for example, change Date Format), you must do so in portrait orientation.
     - When in landscape orientation, 'Toki Clock' always displays local time, 2 months calendar, and time of 1 city of your choice (The city being displayed can be changed when in portrait orientation).



'Toki Clock for iPad' is a clock app for your iPad.  Have your iPad display the time, calendar, and time from cities around the world while it is being charged.

Put iPad in a dock, and launch 'Toki Clock.'

- Display the world time for up to 5 cities simultaneously (244 major cities to choose from.  For the complete list of cities, click here.)
- Display a 1-month or 2-month calendar.  The calendar display can start with Sunday or Monday.
- Choose between a 12-hour and 24-hour clock.
- Show/hide the second display.
- Flash or don't flash the time separators.
- Option to display the time with big numbers.
- Show/hide dot animation.  There are 4 animations:
     1) Runner
     2) Car
     3) Character up and down
     4) Baseball
- Choose from 3 different formats for the date display.
- Alarm with Snooze.
- Select alarm sound from your iPod Library.
- Fully supports playing music in the background.




To avoid going into Sleep mode, Toki Clock disables System's Auto-Lock setting when 'Toki Clock' is running.

I think this is the spec of iPad but once a song is played from your iPod Library, the disabling System's Auto-Lock function no longer works.  When this happens, your iPad will go into sleep mode at the specified time that is set in the System's Auto-Lock setting even when 'Toki Clock' is running.  (For the same reason, when you listen to a song you selected in the Alarm settings windows in Toki Clock even for once, the Auto-Lock setting will go back to the System's Auto-Lock setting.)

You can restart 'Toki Clock' app and it will disable System's Auto-Lock setting again while 'Toki Clock' is running.

When the alarm from iPod Library sounds and when you tap on [Snooze] button, your iPad will go into sleep mode at the specified time that is set in the System's Auto-Lock setting.  Once your iPad is in the sleep mode, sometimes, the alarm will NOT sound.

To work around this, when using a song from iPod Library for alarm, change the System's Auto-Lock setting to 'Never' or simply just don't use Snooze feature.  I apologize for this inconvenience.  I couldn't find work around for this at the source code level after spending so much time trying to figure this out.


April 3, 2010 - v1.0.7
- First release of iPad version.

June 1, 2010 - v1.0.8
- Landscape orientation support is added.  Please note that landscape orientation is for displaying only.  If you want to change settings, you must be in Portrait orientation.  Also, when in landscape orientation, display mode is always fixed to '2 months calendar' mode.
Detroit time was off by 1 hour.  Fixed.
Jerusalem was listed under 'Jordan' country.  Changed to be listed under 'Israel' country.

July 27, 2010 - v1.0.9
- When alarm is set to 12:00PM, the Toki Clock displayed "12:00AM". Fixed.
- Changed image handling in the memory to reduce the memory usage to be ready for iOS4.
Please note that it takes several seconds for the color to change after tapping on the 'Change Skin' button. This is due to the re-architect of the image usage part in the source code to reduce memory usage.

August 18, 2010 - v1.1.0 
- When 'Change Skin' icon is tapped, all the available skins are displayed so that the user can choose.
- Added Orange color skin.
- Added Lavender Purple color skin.
- Added Orange color Background skin (Requested by user).
- Added Blue color Background skin (Requested by user).
- Added Retro skin.
- Added the following cities:
          'Naha' (Okinawa, Japan) 
          'Las Vegas' (Nevada, U.S.A.) 
          'Oklahoma City' (Oklahoma, U.S.A.).

September 18, 2010 - v1.1.1
- Changed icon.