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Playing Pencil Baseball


Prepare 2 pencils.

Take the first pencil, and write 'HIT' on the 2 of the 6 sides, and then write 'OUT' on the rest of the sides.

Take the second pencil, and write '1B' on the 3 sides, and then write '2B' on 1 side, '3B' on 1 side, and finally 'HR' on the last side.

How to Play:

The first batting team roll the 1st pencil on the table.  If the player rolls 'OUT', then it is one out.  

If the player rolls 'HIT', then s/he gets to roll the 2nd pencil.  If the player rolls '1B', then s/he gets a single hit.  If '2B', then it is 2nd-base hit and so on.  If the player rolls 'HR', it is a home run.

Repeat this until finishing the final ining.