November 19, 1998 - First version, v1.50 released

November 23, 1998 - v1.50a released
-Changes from previous version:
Wasn't initializing boolean variables properly when [Reload] button was pressed in NN and when 'Reload' was selected from 'File' menu in Appletviewer. Fixed.
The display order of email address shown in Title screen and About screen is switched.
Changed word "winter" to "fall" since technically, it is still fall.

May 10, 1999 - v1.50b released
-Changes from previous version:
When BAP!v1.50a was run on NN4.5(US) on WindowsNT4.0J, the [OK] button wasn't being displayed in [about] screen and [password] screen. Fixed.

Nov 27, 2004 - v1.50c released
-Changes from previous version:
Updated email address info and also changed [ok] button color from gray to white.

Dec 06, 2004 - v1.50d released
-Changes from previous version:
The applet didn't run unless the user has the latest JRE or JVM (1.5) installed.  Fixed.

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